Having A Flutter In New Zealand

New Zealand is quite a large country, but it is largely rural with only a few urban centers. If you fancied a flutter there, you have the choice of visiting six brick and mortar casinos.

orig_7Four of the Casinos are operated by the Sky City chain and have outlets in Auckland, Hamilton, Queenstown and thee Sky City Wharf Casino.

The others are to be found in the cities of Dunedin and Christchurch. If you do not want to enter a casino and prefer another form of gambling, you can bet on horse racing or take part in lotteries. You can also enter pretty much any pub on the islands and find some ‘pokies’ which are video slot machines.

Gaming online is a growing trend. There is quite a few sites and operators to choose from. You can also read game guides in order to learn all popular games.

The minimum age of entry for a casino in New Zealand is 20 and most venues feature bars, restaurants and live entertainment along with casino games.

The Christchurch Casino was the first to be opened in New Zealand in 1994 and offers casino games. It has 500 slot machines and 34 live dealer tables that offer Poker and Blackjack. There are also roulette tables to be enjoyed.

Sky City Auckland was the second casino to be built in New Zealand and boasts a fully integrated event center in the business district of the city. It comprises a 700-seat theater, 12 bars and restaurants and two hotels.

The casino has a whopping 1,600 slot machines and 100 live dealer tables and it also features a high rollers lounge. It is currently in the middle of a $400 expansion which will increase hotel beds as well as gambling facilities.

The casinos in Queenstown are much smaller, but feature slot machines and traditional table games. The Dunedin casino is housed in the Southern Cross Hotel and is also a small-time affair, but features slots and table dealer games.