New Zealand is a great country to visit, not only does it have stunning scenery and amazing adventure activities, it also has great entertainment and culture.
These pages will be your one and only stop to learn everything about the archipelago nation, with plenty of information about entertainment, theater, music gigs and festivals, culture, sport and of course tourist attractions.

New Zealand may seem like a far flung destination, but these days, airlines offer so many flights and connections on comfortable aircraft that it is getting easier to get there. The first thing that you need to know about New Zealand is that it is made up of two main islands, the North Island and the South Island and about 600 smaller islands and islets.

There are two cultures in the country, the Anglo culture which thrived when it arrived there in the 1800s and the native Maori, which are descendants of the Polynesians of the Pacific Islands. The Maori arrived there on their long canoes in around 1250, and the first European to ‘discover’ New Zealand was a Dutch explorer named Abel Tasman – after which the Australian island of Tasmania is named.

Although he first saw the islands in 1642, and intermittent trading began, it was not until the 1800’s that European settlers arrived and the treaty to hand over sovereignty to the British was signed in 1841. New Zealand has a very low population density, with only 4,7 million inhabitants on the islands. Those of British descent make up the majority with Maori being the second largest denomination.