Skiing In New Zealand’s Mountains

New Zealand is the most popular skiing destination in the Southern Hemisphere and the industry is developed and tailored to any range of skier, from beginner to advanced to expert.


If you live in the North of this small blue planet that we call home, the first thing that you need to wrap your head around is the fact that the seasons are reversed and that winter in this part of the world kicks in in June and runs till about November.

The best skiing pistes in New Zealand are on the South Island, but there are about four on the North Island. All ski sites are developed and offer music, night clubs, bars and restaurants for the more casual visitor who wants to have fun, as well as develop their skiing skills. There are plenty of other winter sports activities that you can enjoy, including mountaineering, snowmobiling and natural ice skating.

There are also facilities for people who want to do snowboarding, but it is mostly geared towards people who enjoy the downhill discipline. For those who are super adventurous, you can also get brave it and get into a helicopter and be dropped off on the summit of a mountain, even with a parachute if that works for you.

It is a great thrill, but you must be experienced, because while New Zealand’s ski resorts offer some of the best rugged white powder, you are at the whim of the elements. It is not uncommon for avalanches and minor snow slides to hit the resorts and because the weather is so unpredictable, you really have to be aware of your surroundings and not take risks.

New Zealand’s ski resorts are all full of the modern comfortable perks that you would expect elsewhere, nature can never be untamed and you should never underestimate things.